Monday, March 23, 2009


Colleague1 on Colleague2 :

"If this guy came upon a wall, instead of climbing it, he would probably run left and right trying to find out where it ended."


Anonymous said...

Better than most of my ex-colleagues who'd simply return from where they came- just to make the wall disappear.

Damn! I love your posts :)

gawker said...

I have similar colleagues. Except mine would send me an email saying the wall looks like one I've climbed before so maybe I should do it and let them know what's on the other side.

Unknown said...

As opposed to my colleagues who will have a two hour meeting to decide if the wall is scalable or not and then decide to demolish this wall and build a new, scalable one.

You are on fire today, gawker. Keep up the good work! :)

RobRoy said...

What is on the other side?

Anurag said...

Well, I think sometimes climbing a wall is the worse of the two options. Life is all about knowing which walls to climb and which ones to listen to.

gawker said...

Vishal : Thanks man.

Robroy : The grass. And it's greener.

Anurag : Sometimes the best way to listen to a wall is by climbing it and lying on your side. Except if the wall has pieces of glass on top.