Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I keep forgetting which word Americans don't understand, "boot" or "trunk" of a car. By the time I figure that out, the conversation has already ended. Due to this peculiar handicap of mine, I have been unable to participate in the last twenty or so boot or trunk related conversations I have been witness to. And the most vexing part is that I have a lot to contribute to this topic. I might not have a PhD in boot theory or trunk mechanics but I do know my automobile storage compartments.


India Unlimited said...

wait, I think TRUNK IS AMERICAN, bOOT IS BRITISH? no wait, boot is also american.. okay wait,
Dikkie is british.. hmmm. wait. i am quite confused now

CAR said...

So I am guessing if I speak of Bonnets and Dickies you would be all over it, positively closing the lid on all matters related?