Tuesday, September 30, 2008

That bad?

Here's how I know we are fucked. The folks on my morning radio show, who usually discuss cleavage and its effects on localized inflation, today, had a finance guy over to educate listeners on the bailout and its consequences on the economy. Of course, there was still some humor, but it was dark humor, the kind where you are making the funny on the outside but weeping tears of blood on the inside. When Preston and Steve stop talking boobs and talk economy instead, it is time to curl up in a corner and start believing in God.

Here's an additional reason to curl up in a corner.


ggop said...

ok the prestonandsteve thing has been blocked by our corporate droids for "provocative attire" :-)

Yeah, people are quite freaked out all right.

gawker said...

yes their website does indeed suffer from an overabundance of provocative attire.