Tuesday, September 30, 2008


McCain camp prays for a Palin wedding. (via)

Hello America, that's how stupid this McCain guy thinks you are. He believes that when you see his vice president's daughter get married on television, you'll be so awed with the spectacle that come election day, you'll still be thinking of that wedding and will vote for McCain because it will be his vice president's daughter's wedding that you will be thinking of.

America, please tell me McCain is wrong and you're not that stupid.


RobRoy said...

Are you kidding? A wedding always works on sweeps week.

God save democracies from the people.

Singapore Short Stories said...

Oh what a news!

In Singapore, we have a General Election every 5 years where the people will choose the party to govern the country.

Owning to the vast mass of America, the campaiging has taken quite a while already, isn't it?

gawker said...

robroy : goddamn people. maybe we should restrict voting rights to zoo animals who seem relatively intelligent in comparison.

man of ideas : here we have year around elections. The moment the previous one ends, preparations begin for the next one.