Friday, January 26, 2007

Two experiments

Today, I will have you try out a couple of science experiments for me, it being a weekend and all and you having some time off from your crime-fighting schedule. In the first experiment, we will, as the old dame said, do it with mirrors.

Basically, I want you to watch all your regularly scheduled television programs. But I want you to do it using a mirror. Hold a mirror up to your television screen and look at the mirror instead of looking at the screen. I guarantee that you will have a hard time recognizing your favorite soap actor, actress or home-breaker.

See, most humans are asymmetrical. For example, look at you. Your nose curves to the right, you have that mole on your left cheek with all that hair growing out of it and your right ear is kinda droopy. And everybody is used to seeing you that way. But if you look at yourself in a mirror, which I'm sure you usually don't, for obvious reasons, your nose will curve to the left, your mole will have migrated to your right cheek and the droopiness will be an attribute of your left ear. You will be an entirely new person in the mirror. Not particularly better off looks-wise, but different, nevertheless.

Studies have proven that people we consider to be beautiful almost always happen to be more symmetrical than the average human eyesore. In fact, it has also been observed that babies spend more time looking at symmetrical people than asymmetrical ones. Who the hell knew that when you were gazing at them with your adoring eyes, those tiny little crafty brains were busy estimating and comparing the eye-to-nose distances on each side of your face to determine your affection-worthiness?

But returning to the experiment, that is why, as you watch your television screen through the mirror, all the people in the box will look different. It will add some spice to your tv-viewing life and since the premiere of "Lost" is still a month away, I know how much you need it.

Secondly, I want you to watch this video : (link)

Now, check your own body for any physical changes. Did you just turn into a Mommy Tiger? I thought so. Please stop playing with your tail when I'm speaking to you. Also watch this video : (link)

Notice how the baby tiger flails his limbs around as he drinks from the milk bottle. That's because he is genetically programmed to kick away his siblings as they all try and compete for the privilege of suckling from their mother's teat. At least, that's what the inner scientist in me thinks and he could be wrong, just as he was wrong about orange juice being a great substitute for blood transfusions. But I will let the inner scientist within you make the decision for you.


Anonymous said... the first vdo, the end mainly --where the cub just dozes off... cutest thing! :D

zambezi said...

are you losing your mind? when is she coming back? or has she already come back? if she hasnt, come and spend friday night with me. my wife is out of town and we can go out.

Anonymous said...

Me too. Loved both the vdos. The cub is cho chweet.

Anonymous said...

I was gonna go with "Are u pregnant ??" But I think what Boobsiee said could be appropriate too ..
It was the first video that made me think that u were pregnant by the way.

Sujatha Bagal said...

I was thinking about the mirror thing last week. By some logic (I forget now), I was thinking that how I looked to myself in the mirror is not how I look to other people. Somehow now I'm thinking that's wrong. I'll come back here if and when I figure it out.

Sujatha Bagal said...

Yes, it's that thing you said about hairy moles and curving noses. So I concluded that I'm happy with the way I look. Why? because I don't like the way I look in the mirror. So the opposite (lateral inversion) must be good. No?

gawker said...

chips : yeah, its so cute it looks like its deliberately being cute because of the camera.

zambezi : i think i did lose it, but come to think of it, since i thought i lost it, i must still have it because i was able to think. you mean i call you on friday, leave a message and then you call me back on monday asking me if i called on friday? sure we can go through all that again if you so wish.

rinku : yes. its a pity he will be able to eat people when he grows up. some animals shouldnt grow up.

slime : no, its just a beer belly. but didn't you think the tiger was cute?

sujatha : you were right the first time. when you look in the mirror, you do not see what others are seeing, you see a mirror image which is different from your actual self. and seriously, it is difficult to recognize television actors if you watch them in the mirror. especially if they have their hair parted on the side.

Anonymous said...

my inner scientist says that the cub kicks his feet not to drive away his siblings but so that the milk flows better from the teat.