Friday, January 05, 2007

Messy Eaters

There is a bar in downtown Philly I visited last Sunday, called "Chickie's and Pete's", that boasts of having "a washbasin in the center of the room for messy eaters". I don't see any benefit in having such a washbasin for messy eaters. And my opinion on this topic was vindicated by the fact that during my entire time there, I did not see a single messy eater avail himself of this opportunity to wash himself up at this basin. After all, if someone were a messy eater, would this person actually get up from his table and use that washbasin, in the process, broadcasting to the world his inability to transfer food safely from the plate to the mouth? I think not.

Or for that matter, if a bar proudly advertised itself as having "special window seats for people with a flatulence problem", would you openly patronize these flatulent-friendly seats?

Actually I'm not so sure, knowing you, you probably would, if you were really gassy.

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Anonymous said...

there is this very old tree trunk somewhere near Al Ain (UAE) which cannot be cut down or burned or harmed, coz apparently unfriendly spirits guard it...! lol

likewise that basin must be haunted for all you know! ha-ha