Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday morning disappointment

Every friday they give me my paycheck, I open the envelope and check the amount, hoping to see that they raised my salary and forgot to let me know. Every friday I am disappointed.

This is one of the major reasons responsible for my weekend alcoholism.

They should stop adding more lanes to the interstate. They add one more lane, the traffic's just gonna shift one lane over to the left, giving the rightmost lane back to nature and cows and deer. Americans don't like to drive in the slow lane. It gives them a feeling of impotence. The solution is to allow people to force each other out of the road. If you are weak, you don't deserve to drive anyways.


Anonymous said...

They should just get rid of the lanes ! Then we'd be angry at just the cops tryin to sneak on us. Those bastards !!

Oh, btw i turn into an alcoholic bi-weekly.

RobRoy said...

Switch to black tar heroine. Yeah, it costs more, you'll become impotent, become unhealthily thin, but you'll cure your alcoholism.

Anonymous said...

I guess it works differently for me. With monthly checks, I drink in part nervous anticipation and part celebration building upto the day of a possible pay hike. Since it does not happen, I drink in "gham" in the ensuing days.

gawker said...

bhad : I don't hate the lanes as much since no one seems to follow them here in PA.

robroy : black tar that the one that's aged for 12 years in oak casks?

naveen : you should try weekly paychecks. they are great and you get a lot more drinking done.