Wednesday, June 07, 2006

6-6-6 post

This is the 6-6-6 post. Posted on 6-7-6. Sorry for the delay.


Anonymous said...

funny heheh

gawker said...

test. mayday mayday. blogger is down. abort mission.

Anonymous said...

This is the comment for 06.06.06 post posted on 06.07.06 that I am posting on 06.08.06 but should have posted on 06.07.06. Anways, glad to see that everyone I know survived the day of the beast.

Deepak Shenoy said...

for once the indian and american dates coincided and you had to ruin it by posting it one whole month late.

can you send me some stock quotes from next month while you're there, the market is a bitch right now.

gawker said...

naveen : We will know if anything bad happened on 6-6-6 in 9 months.

deepak : i will post again on 7-7-6 if you so wish. and buy oil. oil is cheaper. and sell turd sandwich stock. turd sandwich market is slowing down.