Monday, May 22, 2006

Three Days in the Life of the PA Turnpike

Day 1





Day 2




Day 3




I was gonna add a couple more pictures where George W. Bush comes up to me and gives me a tax cut and I use those wads of cash to fill up the pothole, but I didn't because Christianity recently came out with a law forbidding the depiction of its prophets on paper and I didn't want Pat Robertson issuing a fatwa on my head.


CAR said...

Funny. But before you lament your woes, make way if you a get a chance to my state of Michigan. Come summer and the rare sun, Mdot picks up every possible earth moving equipement and starts digging roads. So much so that I almost have to take a detour to avoid the digging on a detour.

Alpha said...

am coming over to PA..will fix all the roads..stop lamenting.

gawker said...

car : but at least they clearly mark places where digging is occurring. Here we have unofficially dug up roads, or as we call them, potholes, but as I pointed out in my virtually realistic photoshoot, filled up roads here are even worse.

alpha : if you are a penndot employee i refuse to cease lamenting.

Deepak Shenoy said...

so this is surprising?

Deepak Shenoy said...

but good drawing. i like your dedication, especially in the positioning of the sun and the pretty cool bus. Is paintbrush your friend?

Alpha said...

ok what do u have against me? out with it!
penndot employee?!! u could have called me jayalalita and got away with it.

Deepak Shenoy said...

nobody calls anyone jayalalitha and gets away with it.

no one even calls jayalalitha "jayalalitha" and gets away with it.

You can call her amma. Or "Puratchi thalaivi" which is the kind of sound made when you throw up.

You're lucky you only got penndotted. Better than getting retched on.

Alpha said...

deepak, did i stir some passion or what?! I almost felt sorry for jaya baby.

oh well, if a penndot vehicle can go over that humungous road block, i'd rather be a penndot employee. actually they might be my esteemed client very soon. so while i play golf with them, i'll allude to their roads as an apt golf course location. we'll see if that works.