Friday, May 22, 2009

Clown car

Sometimes it takes me a while to get American pop culture references. Today, in the parking lot, a colleague asked me, hey, how's your clown car doing. I said, what clown car? Are you calling me a clown? That's funny, he he. No, you aren't? Why clown car then? No, I don't know what a clown car is. Okay...go on. I see. Uhuh. So what you are saying is, when you asked me how my clown car was doing, you were, in fact, referring to the tiny car frequently featured in old-style American comedy flicks and cartoons that pulls up to the curb, followed by a heavy exodus of clowns from its interior, the sheer number of which, when compared to the disproportionately small size of the car, provides the humorous effect.

Oh okay, I get it now. I own a small car.

Alright then, I am glad we resolved this issue. Shall we go on inside now?


sherene said...

You have a small car in the land of the big? Wow, it's a wonder your colleagues talk to you at all :P

gawker said...

They only speak to me for my funny accent which brightens up their morning. I was brought up in a 3-seater rickshaw culture so to me, this is a big car.