Wednesday, October 04, 2006

This fall's network lineup

Oy people. The new season of Lost begins today. Fire up your office watercoolers 'cause there's gonna be a whole lotta discussin' going on tomorrow. According to the official CNN Lost reviewer, "The first 5 minutes are pure genius and it only gets better from there onwards". So keep your heart medication handy and shut the hell up once it's on, jeez.

I am quite satisfied with this fall's new network lineup. I watched the first two episodes of Jericho yesterday on On Demand and they were quite satisfying. After all, who here hasn't imagined a nightmarish scenario where every city in the US has been nuked and you are in a small Kansas village cut off from the rest of the outside world with escaped convicts running around eating eggs and killing your sheriff and all this while there is a storm approaching that is expected to dump nuclear fall-out in your backyard and the only person competent enough to know what to do is a mysterious black guy whose identity no one knows and who the fuck is Skeet Ulrich and why does that name seem so familiar? Really, that was a question, anybody? Anybody at all?

I was very impressed with Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip on NBC. It brings to the table the signature crisp dialogue delivery of The West Wing, replete with the ultrafast zingers that come and go even before you are able to comprehend the dark humor in them. Bradley Whitford appears to have lost a lot of hair. Mathew Perry's face looks less swollen. Hopefully one has nothing to do with the other. Rehab seems to have helped Mathew Perry. He did go to rehab right? Or was it just the Central Perk coffee that made his face look like a sofa cushion suffering from mumps?

Boston Legal is back. They brought in some snotty new lawyer. He is quite irritating and not in a cool James Spader kinda way. I hope he is not the transition guy for quietly taking over Spader's job when he leaves next season. Because that would not sit well with me.

I wonder about 24. Will it be back? The last we saw of him, Kiefer Sutherland was on a boat to China, probably getting his penis ridiculed by an Asian Lynndie England. Maybe he remembered to leave some of his spawn back in the US to carry on the good work.

CSI is awesome as always. I liked the concept in one episode where they carried out an autopsy on a murdered rock star with one of his own songs playing in the background on a stereo. Ah to be autopsied to my own music, that has been my lifelong dream. And then the autopsy guy describes the cause of death to the CSI investigator in rock song format. Very cool. But on the other hand, I would like my own autopsy to be carried out to a Seinfeld sketch.

"So what's the deal with exit wounds? If the bullet left my body, how come I'm still dead?"

*Applause*, snip, out comes my liver. It would be the first to go because it would be screaming to get out of my body for obvious reasons.

"And what's with blunt force trauma? Surely the guy could have taken some pride in his work and sharpened the murder weapon. "

*Applause*, slice, off comes the scalp.

Cause of death : Slipped on his own vomit and hit the toilet seat on the way down. That explains the blunt force trauma. Case closed.


Anonymous said...

I know much has been made of CSI. I have never watched it so can't offer comments.
But I'm really annoyed by today's news in Yahoo that Studio 360 on the Sunset Strip (pilot looked good) is on the blink because it lost ratings to CSI.

They should have aired it on Fridays or something. When good shows like Arrested Development get canned, it makes me prejudiced against these cop dramas/legal/detective/reality shows.

(I'll end my rant now)

gawker said...

CSI is good, the original one, all other offshoots are pretty crappy. Just like how only the original Law and Order was good. But I hope they don't cancel studio 60. Maybe if each of us watched it on 10 television sets at the same time, we might be able to bolster its ratings.

As an aside, I liked this sentence in the article you linked to :

"Nearly 13.5 million 20/20 viewers (23rd place) witnessed Barbara Walters coax a career-best volume of tears from an interview subject, Crocodile Hunter widow Terri Irwin."

Anonymous said...

Lars Ulrich is the drummer for Metallica. Herzog Ulrich von W├╝rttemberg was the Duke of W├╝rttemberg. Is it the latter that you may be thinking of?


Anonymous said...

Skeet was in Scream, but more recently on an ABC show called Miracles which was AWESOME. But the chicken-babies at ABC pulled it before it even aired 6 episodes because they were 'afraid' of the content. It was an awesome show which also starred Angus McFaden from Braveheart.

Kimberly El-Sadek said...

What is this television that you speak of?

RobRoy said...

Television is a device that was invented by Utah native Philo T. Farnsworth in an attempt to demonstrate the Theory of Relativity.

This would be a great opening for a joke, but it's all true.

The first image Farnsworth showed on the televsion? A dollar sign.