Thursday, October 02, 2008

What Biden ought to say

What Joseph Biden ought to say tonight during the debate.

God that was cathartic.

Update : Also, a slideshow on how Biden is preparing for his debate. (via ggop in comments).


ggop said...

I really needed to see this. Expect Palin to make some cliched mini speeches tonight. Pray Biden isn't nasty to her on TV.

Did you see this fake slideshow on his prep for tonight's debate?

gawker said...

good god that was hilarious

Dilip Malave said...

The bar is set so low for her, that one punch line is all she needs to make the Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity madrassa to go ballistic. And to make matters worse they've already started talking about Iffill and how one sided the debate is going to be. Well...we will see!!

gawker said...

That's true. They've already decided that no matter what happens, because Ifill is the moderator, Palin has already won the debate.

RobRoy said...

I loved the direct quotes. SNL did the same thing. No need to use writers when she gives you the ammo, the gun and provides a pre-shot target.