Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ganesha-shaped growth

Here is a nice link to start off your day. It talks about a guy from New York, Sam Lal, who made horto-theological history by managing to cultivate the Hindu God Ganesha in his backyard. It turns out that a flower in his backyard assumed the form of an elephant's head and trunk which he immediately recognized as the popular deity.This flower deity then went ahead and cured him of all his ills including some kind of spine ailment.

It must be admitted, however, that Sam Lal reached the conclusion that this elephant shaped flower in his backyard was actually Ganesha only after a rigorous examination of the facts. "For it to have that long trunk like this is not a natural thing," he said, speaking from experience as a person usually surrounded by short things.

With this month of October being uncommonly cold, Lal is now protecting Ganesha from the frosty nights by covering Him with the "shimmering translucent veil of the Heavenly Apsaras flanking Lord Shiva on each side as He meditates high atop Mount Kailash", or what is colloquially known as plastic foil.

(Above : Sam Lal, respectfully reaching out to grab Ganesha's trunk)

But Sam Lal is a generous man who is not possessive about his home-grown Gods. He has thrown open his backyard to fellow Flower Pilgrims. One of them, Hansannie Singh, of Queens, on being confronted with the Ganesha Flower said, "I'm amazed - I actually got goosebumps when I saw it." Unfortunately for Hansannie Singh, not a single one of those goosebumps resembled a Hindu deity.

Another believer Kris Ram, snapped cellphone pictures of the flower God. Immediately thereafter, his cellphone was rid of its intermittent bizarre behavior where it would make a "ringing" noise , followed by a human like voice saying what appeared to be "howl howl". "This is really happening", said Kris Ram, "Ganesha cured my cellphone. Now I can snap pictures in peace".

Uddit Patel, 17, said the flower definitely made him a believer. "I was astounded," he said. "It's proof there is a God". Refusing to rest on his laurels, Patel later went on to prove how the existence of flowers that do not look like Ganesha prove that there is no God. His cousin, Deepesh Patel, 25, was similarly ecstatic. "I'll never see anything like this in my lifetime," he said. "Oh wait, what is that, is that...bread? In sliced form? I never thought I would see anything like that in my lifetime."

The amazing plant story has been picked up by news media around the world, particularly in India, home to 1 billion Hindus, who reacted by saying, "Whaaa? So this Ganesha-shaped rock that I've been worshiping all this time wasn't really Him?"


Jabberwock said...

Heh. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

And he was only cured of his back pain? Not his schizophrenia?

RukmaniRam said...

Arent there people in India asking "Now, can it drink milk?"

Anonymous said...

How about getting Sarah Palin to see this and get her two cents , I am sure she can see India from her kitchen and so must be knowing about Ganesha...Srikanth

gawker said...

jabberwock : thank you

anonymous : to cure schizophrenia he would have to cultivate a Goddess Kali-shaped vegetable

rukmani : Sure it drinks milk. Just use a watering can

anonymous : She tried to say Ganesh, but thought the "g" was silent as always. It caused an international incident with possible nuclear fallout.

madraskaari said...


Anonymous said...

Thats crazy .. i should take up gardening too. Growing gods in my backyard .. can you imagine what i can do with my very own army of gods ..

I don't understand why the oldman had to go one step ahead and say it resembled ganpati, he could have just stopped at, resembled an elephant ..

people are crazy man

gawker said...

pipa : Thanks

bhad : I know...I said to myself, this guy shouldnt go to the zoo.. he might start seeing ganesha-like animals there.