Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This blog partially endorses Circuit City who have agreed to replace my big screen tv that was struck down by an act of God who, honestly, is kind of a douchebag. The second half of my endorsement will take effect once the replacement television set is actually on my property.

This blog also endorses Best Buy who unquestioningly replaced my PS3 that also got douchebagged.

Finally, this blog endorses this Desi guy who has ably demonstrated the least feasible way of staying alive for more than 60 consecutive seconds.

(via FailBlog)


Patrix said...

That's mighty generous of them. Never knew they would replace it for power surges. Did they just do it when you asked or you had to haggle?

gawker said...

Yes it is. Especially since it wasn't just a power surge but lightning that destroyed my tv. I guess I was randomly chosen for an act of corporate charity.

I didn't have to haggle. I did call them up twice though.