Monday, September 10, 2007


So I called up zambezi on saturday to see what he was up to. He picked up the phone and muttered in what was a conspiratorial whisper, "My window's open".

"What?", I said. "I can't hear you."

Again, he whispered, "My window's open, man".

"Oh okay", I said. "What does that mean?"

"I'll call you up later", he whispered.

I began to wonder if he had discovered an intruder in his house and whether I should call 911.

After a couple of minutes, my phone rang. It was zambezi.

"So is your window closed now?", I inquired, in a suitably concerned voice.

"What are you talking about?" he replied.

"What were you saying earlier about your window being open?"

"No man, I said I'm at the US Open. I couldn't talk", he replied.

Enlightenment dawned upon me.

"Oh okay, Are you at the game?", I asked him.

"No, I'm at the US Open", he said.

"Yes, yes, I said, are you at the game?", I asked testily.

"No man, I'm not at the gym, I'm at the US Open", he said, still with remarkable patience, considering the fact that I was interrupting him at the game.

"Okay, listen, I will call you up later tonight once I get out of here", he finally said.

"Alright. Have a good work-out", I said and hung up before he could respond.


anantha said...

I just dont get it! Though the fact that I am dumb may have had something to do with it. Don't explain. Let me think hard :D

gawker said...

No man, it was simply the wastage of a lot of time caused due to each of us misunderstanding what the other was saying. It's not worth spending a lot of time thinking about.

ggop said...

You two need to create the new Verizon ad :-)

"Can you hear me now?"

Anonymous said...

hehehe...i could picture this scene in a hrishikesh mukherjee's movie

zambezi said...

he he. moron.

Anurag said...

But why did Zambezi go to the US open to work out?

gawker said...

ggop : yes, except when I ask him "can you hear me now", he'll probably reply, "no i do not fear a cow"

anjali : yes, that's where I stole it from.

zambezi : Thank you for calling back that night.

anurag : Because he didn't have the balls to work out in a gym.