Thursday, April 26, 2007

At the Party

At The Party

If you don't see the comic strip, here's the link.

Link to Toondoo via Arunn at NonoScience.

If you didn't find it even the least bit funny, make sure you read the blurbs top to bottom. If that still didn't work, read again while tickling your underarms. Or get someone else to tickle you. Or read it while watching Seinfeld. Come on, surely there must be something that makes you giggle? Read this while doing that.


Anonymous said...

buddy: If you want to, edit the toon again and make the font the next bigger such for me the font is a bit hard to read...

BTW, my name has got an extra 'n" at the end (of course, it is silent)...

The reason, if you really care, is given here in Tamil and here in English ... ;)

Anonymous said...

Gawker, sorry if i am being dense, but was the joke that the man was making an excuse for not taking his wife out to restaurants?

If yes, then i didn't exactly fall out of my chair laughing. Sorry about that. I usually find your stuff hilarious.

Cool effort though. Sujatha recently wrote about a software that lets kids create their own novels. For those of us who do not have the patience to write a novel, a joke-writing software could be fun.

gawker said...

arunn : Yeah, I know but if I make the font bigger, I can't write as much. They need to allow more than 3 panels.

And I didn't know your name actually had two ns. I think I did get the reason behind the double n.

anjali : That's why I didn't become a cartoonist. This was kind of a test cartoon to try out this toondoo thing. Although I did think it was a bit funny. But it wasn't what you thought it was. The guy was leading up the conversation to make a crack about his wife's cooking. And the wife knew what he was doing.

Would it be funnier if we assumed the guy was speaking in a Goanese accent?

Anonymous said...

That guy looks like you, back in the days .. is that you .. ?
Also that scene seems like something u wud crack in real life .. did u ?
I'm sticking with dilbert ..

gawker said...

Sadly enough he does. And sadly enough, it is. And sadly enough, I did. And sadly enough, you should.

Anonymous said...

i guess the word 'those' could have referred to restaurant outings or to the wife's food. now that i know what the joke is (tubelight), it's funny! :)

oh yeah, goanese accent Javed Jaffrey style was be hilarious, if you aks me.

Anonymous said...

For a wife its okay to say this,
but the same thing if we go as a guest to somebody's house.
Then we shouldn't say that this recipe is good or so.

because for example
if that person made a russian salad as a special item in rest of all,
if you said 'That paneer ticka is very delicious'. then she will think, i spent all my effort in the russian salad but he is saying that is good.

So better not to praise or criticize the food when we go to friend or relative house.

Anonymous said...

Revathy: wow!!!


RobRoy said...

For a first attempt, I'd like to say that it was good. I'd also like to say that your genuis for cracking-wise translates well to the cartoon media.

Yes, I'd like to say all this.

gawker said...

anjali : Yes, I was surprised and disturbed to find it was not funny. More so because it would have contradicted what I've been believing all my life, namely, "truth is funnier than fiction".

revathy : Thank you for the advice. I will heed it in my next party outing or blogpost, whichever comes first.

robroy : Thank you. I am glad you said all that. I just wish I could have somehow surrounded it with a bubble and dangled it over your head.