Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Been busy, very very busy. It's that time in a typist's life when all the work he was supposed to be doing throughout the year has to be completed in a few days and then bequeathed (bequoth?) to the masses as a new software release.

It's fried my brain, I can tell you that. Yesterday in a meeting, a conversation went as follows:

Boss : So was this done for B-4?
Me : Before?
Boss : Yes, version B-4.
Me : Before what?
Boss : Was this done for version B-4?
Me (mentally trying to get my boss to stop quitting mid-sentence and complete the damn thing : Yes...version before.....?
Boss : ?
Me : Oh, B-4. Version B-4. Ok. Yes, version B-4. Yes, yes.
Boss : You shouldn't have shaved your head. You lost something else in the process.

And to revisit the punchline, I shaved my head the other day. I would recommend it to everyone at anytime, except anyone at the present time, the weather being so fucking cold and when you step outside, icicles growing on the places where your hair used to be. You begin to understand the purpose of life and hair in those short seconds between the time you open your door and the flow of blood to your brain ends.

So to make a long story short, I will be back soon. Maybe even tomorrow. Or the day after. And maybe my hair will grow back and intelligence will return. I can't wait to start blogging again.

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Anonymous said...

Winter is actually the best tinme to cut your hair short (or shave in ur case), coz you can wear your winter cap and not care a F*** how your hair's gonna look after you remove it. I haven't shaved, but I cut pretty short in winter. You should show me some pictures of your shaven glory

Anonymous said...

Ah! Now I know who Britney Spears took inspiration from.

zambezi said...

send me pics of your shaven head.

gawker said...

bhad : actually that works for me all year. I cut my hair short so I don't have to worry about how it looks. When the sun rises, look to the east and you will see it glint even from distant Ohio.

anjali : It was mutual give and take. I learnt how to drive a car with a baby on my lap from her.

zambezi : Look to the south when the sun rises. But wear protective gear because we are not that far off,

zambezi said...

the last time we met you looked like a retarded version of forrest gump.