Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A joke

I received the following joke today in my email. It was in marathi so I will translate it for you.

A donkey climbs up a tree. He finds an elephant already perched upon its branches.

The elephant asks the donkey, "Hey donkey what are you doing on this tree?"

The donkey replies, "I came here to eat an apple."

The elephant says, "But donkey, this is a mango tree."

The donkey replies, "It's ok elephant, I brought my own apple."


Bishu said...

Does the choice of donkey and elephant as the main character got anything to do with US politics ?

gawker said...

You know what, I didn't think of it that way, that's an interesting point. But considering that the original joke was in marathi, I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

wud it be funnier if u said ass instead of donkey ? "u ass" sounds closer to "arey gadhva" than "u donkey" .
it was a funny joke. i sent it to everyone who knows marathi. and some who don't.

Anonymous said...

In college, this would be called "panchat". :-)

gawker said...

slime : i tried saying you ass but it sounded like the elephant was cursing at the donkey and that diverted attention from the apple so i changed back to "donkey"

robroy : thank you. i wish it were mine.

ggop : i used all of yesterday afternoon trying to think what "panchat" means then i remembered. I think im kinda losing touch with marathi.

Anonymous said...

hey gawker, are you maharashtrian?
I think its nice to see some ghati scholarship on the web.

(i'm maharashtrian too, i have full license to use that "reclaimed insult")

gawker said...

cyke : yeah, i am a ghat. i don't know about scholarship though hehe.

Anonymous said...

lol@panchat, hmmmm i always thought panchat meant pervert/perverted... :)