Friday, November 03, 2006

I would rather be here

(picture via maru)


Anonymous said...

mesmerizing :)

Anonymous said...

U wanna kill ur self? suicide? throw ur self in front of the 2439DN Patna express(made that up)? NOOOOOOOO!!!! Gawker we love you. stay here. write. O brave son, of the land of the Philly Cheesesteak !!1


Patrix said...

...and I wish I had taken that picture :)

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Lovely photo, very like paintings of the American West by a guy whose name begins with B (and which I, of course, cannot recall). Also a Remington called "Daybreak in the Sierra Nevada".

Categorising posts, eh? No wonder Bloglines showed "72". Strewth!


Anonymous said...

okay, S stole my lines :(

RobRoy said...

Yes, suicide was my first thought as well this morning. That would be a good place.

gawker said...

chippy : yeah, it's one of those pictures that makes you go what the hell am I doing sitting here watching a computer screen

S, pravin : thank you thank you, i didn't take this picture so i wasn't the one standing on the railway line but honestly if I were to ever commit suicide i would prefer death by Patna Express.

patrix : me too. although if i were to be in a place like that, I would probably leave my camera behind. carrying a camera is such a distraction, you keep looking at stuff through the eyes of a photographer and forget to appreciate the beauty of the moment.

JAP : yes. i divided my blog into categories. now im trying to do the same with my life.

robroy : is it a generic emotion or just a monday morning thing?