Friday, April 28, 2006


Finally, after procrastinating for like 5 years, I logged on to the Wiki to find out what the hell "Sic" meant. It is apparently used to make fun of the person being quoted by informing the reader that seriously, this is what the guy said, I'm not making a typo here.

Look forward to "Sic" being used liberally on this blog henceforth.


Anonymous said...

hehehe........i too discovered its meaning quite recently. :)

Anonymous said...

Long time ago, I used to think it was a spelling mistake for sick - (the irony!) leading to much confusion on its use.

I think a friend enlightened me - while also showing off his supposedly superior intellect and implying that I was an idiot (we did not remain friends for long).

Makes me feel better to know I was not alone in my ignorance.