Tuesday, April 25, 2006


CNN has an article today on Acadia National Park in Maine. Check out their picture of the Bass Harbor lighthouse that accompanies the article and compare it with the one I took myself when I was there.

Although I didn't realize it at the time, I guess I was standing on top of the CNN reporter as I snapped the picture. And now that I think about it, yeah, I do remember a kind of squealing noise emanating from underneath my feet, although at the time I believed it was coming from the trunk of my car so I didn't really bother locating its source.

I really like my picture more than CNN's though. You can see a number of instances where I display my innate instinct for photography, which is far superior to that of the store-bought CNN guy. For example, my stubborn insistence on including the ugly signpost and barbed wire fencing into the picture whereas the CNN photographer seems to have conveniently omitted it. It's all about showing both sides of the story, man, that's what professional reporters do. Anyone can just indulge in aesthetics and click cute pretty things to capture them for posterity. But it takes a trained eye to isolate the ugliness in society and immortalize it for future enjoyment.


Patrix said...

I am headed up there next week so I guess I have to get atop you to take the same picture. Now that sounds wierd.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

As of now, you're the funniest man on the Net and that includes Dave Barry. Can you hold this ranking?

Your photo is actually better. More mood.

Re: geese and their eggs. The genitals line was awesome, but it raises questions. Surely it's the ganders who do the scratching bit? The geese prolly start up and wonder whether they locked the door to the nest.

About working out. You forgot the first few agonised sessions on the treadmill / elliptical trainer / stepper / arm-cycle as you look for the machine that will burn SOME calories without reminding you of the Spanish Inquisition. Then you realise they all hurt.
Then you give up and buy pants three sizes too large, so you can be like the gander without getting impacted testicles.


Deepak Shenoy said...

They might have built the barbed wire fence when they heard you were visiting.

Hey I get that all the time. Too heavy, they say. Wrong shade of lipstick, we're afraid, so we'll not let you in.

Anonymous said...

I too think your photo is better. Yours makes the place look more realistic...fence post and all.
when we went to Bar harbor a few years ago, in November, the place looked a lot like it does in your photo - all foggy (and so frickin cold!)

gawker said...

patrix : ah poor CNN reporter

JAP : Thank you, thank you. I guess its time for a crap post before the bar is raised higher. So no, I can't hold this ranking.

deepak : I'm sure they did. Which is why I had to swim out to sea and take the picture.

anjali : Thanks. Yeah, it was goddamn cold and foggy. Strange place, this Acadia. But very beautiful.