Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Stick shift sucked today

Usually I don't spend time wallowing in any regrets about having bought a car with a stick shift, because c'mon, a stick shift is so manly and all that crap. But today, fuck, I came this close to personally opening her up and trying to convert her to an automatic.

So I was driving to work along the PA turnpike, the highway of hell and then at the Schuylkill Expressway exit, it was closed. Closed entirely, no one being let through, because of an overturned tractor-trailer ahead on the turnpike. By the way, they call the big-ass eighteen wheeler trucks here as "tractor trailers". It took me 5 years to become cognizant of that fact. Till then, everytime I heard anything about accidents involving tractor-trailers, I kept wondering why the heck are there so many tractors driving around the country, and why don't I ever see them on the roads?

So anyway, because of the accident, everybody and their uncle had to use the Schuylkill exit to get to the Blue Route in order to get back to the goddamn turnpike. And since there were a lot of people and their uncles on the road, it being peak rush hour, it was stop and go traffic all the way, and my leg soon began to hurt from clutching and declutching. And then there was another accident on the Blue Route. Jesus Christ, what the fuck is wrong with people, you give 'em a huge fucking highway with 4 different lanes on each side, and they can still find a way to be in someone else's path.

But the end result was, as I walked out of my car and into my office I was positively hobbling from all the clutch related activity. But I still have no regrets about owning a stick shift. It's the only way to drive.


Anonymous said...

i just don't get why people enjoy stick shift cars. such a backward (not to say, painful) way of driving!

when we moved to europe, my poor husband was given a stick shit car by his company while i managed to get an automatic (joys of working for an american company!) never been happier.....while hubby is the picture of discontent while driving through heavy brussels traffic every day.


Cherellda said...

Hi, I have a 1996 Ford Contour GL/SPO, and I would like to convert it into an automatic. I have looked on the internet for the kit so I could have this done and all I keep seeing is How to convert a automatic to a stick. Do anyone know where on the internet I could find the kit I need to have this done. If so please contact me here or at ). Thank You

Anonymous said...

You see, Anonymous, there are people who need the car only to get from point A to point B. And there are people who need to feel their car - I can't put it in better words. Those people prefer car for fun over car for comfort; prefer car in which you can feel every bump on the road and have to switch gears manualy, rather then car that feels more like casket on the wheels.