Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday Canal Pictures

I biked the Delaware Canal towpath the other day. The Delaware Canal forms the boundary between Pennsylvania and New Jersey for a good 60 miles. I biked it's southern tip for about 15 miles or so. It was a nice cool cloudy day, perfect for biking or any other outdoor activity not involving getting wet.


Started off at this lake in Washington's Crossing park.


The towpath, made out of bright red gravel which sticks to your bike and later rubs off on your carpet. Before you eat anything you drop on that carpet, you have to make sure you wipe the red dust off.


Geese. White ones. White ones I like. The dark ones are mean-spirited, noisy bastards.


There are parts of the canal that are wide enough so that two boats could cross each other. Also so that boats could stop there for the boatman to take a piss. Kind of like interstate truckstops. Except without the homosexual activity in the latrines.


That's a wild turkey playing with the ducks. I think the ducks are ignoring it cause of it's red neck.


Turtle at the end of the log. There were 5 of them perched on the log. When my bike screeched to a stop so I could take pictures, the others jumped off into the water, except this one. He was probably deaf or married.


Ducks squatting on the towpath, all gazing in the same direction. Until I stopped, got off my bike to take a picture. Then, they all sat up in unison and walked towards me, probably to gnaw my brains out. I didn't wait to find out.


Great Blue Heron. Except it's not really blue. And it's kind of small for a great anything.


Another towpath picture.


A lock in the canal. Locks were used to raise or lower boats through the various gradients of the canal.


Snake at the bottom of the lock, sunning itself.


Another snake. 4 snakes in all, having a ball. Beautiful creatures in theory, horrible slithering monsters in practice.


My dream house.


This is where I would like to spend my retirement years, reading Wodehouse with a beer by my side. No, not a Budweiser, I said "beer".


This son of a bitch tried to leap over the fence and grab me as I passed by. He now knows one word of hindi. Madarchod.


Jayarama Krishnan said...

Awesome! Just awesome!!! Chanced upon your blog from HaftaMag, and have been reading this more than that, ever since!
The 'Wodehouse-an' effect is quite visible in your style, though you do have a style of your own!
I just hope that dream house of yours has wi-fi, so that you can continue to blog even after you retire!
Keep up the good work!!!! oops, I just remembered you don't like too much punctuation!
- JK

Anonymous said...

Well, i've been reading your blog from top to bottom for sometime. I was halfway through wnen I decided to read from bottom to top. I really like the way you write and it gave me a deja vu feeling which I couldn't really place. This post brought it to me. You read Wodehouse. That explains everything.