Thursday, June 05, 2008

Helpful replies

On the COD4 forum, some guy with a considerable amount of wishful in his thinking, asked the question,

"Will Call of Duty 4 (a PS3 game) work on the PS2?"

Some of the helpful replies he received from forum members were :

" Will my DVDs play in my VCR?"

"yes, but you have to mod your ps2...1st you have go buy a ps3, then you pretend its the ps2 and batta'll work.

" Will Uncharted work in my Dishwasher?"

"Will Assassin's Creed work in my blender?"

" Will Halo 3 work in my frying pan?"

You can clearly see why these forums are so popular among advice-seekers.


RobRoy said...

Will cable work on my flat screen? D'oh, that one is true.

I'm clearly no good at this advice giving thing.

Vivek Kumar said...

Those are some of the most helpful replies I've ever seen on an online forum. I mean.. if someone had just said "no", the wishful-thinker-gamer would still have tried. But after this..

And they remind me of linux fanboys..

zambezi said...

you are really addcited to this ps crap arent you? your glasses probably are thicker than they ever were and you are looking more and more like that alien you are.

gawker said...

robroy : You could always pursue a career in advice-requesting. As you know in this world there is a proper place for both advice givers and takers.

vivek : You are right. It was a good idea to put the guy out of his misery in the cruelest way possible. After all, that is what video gaming is about anyways.

zambezi : How are you doing my friend? I will call you up this weekend. Yes, you are right, I am highly addicted and although my glasses are still the same size as before, no doubt because they have already reached the maximum allowable size for glasses, my eyes have changed color and are now perpetually red. Also, for the first time in my life I am making use of my opposable thumbs.

zambezi said...

i went kayaking today. it wasnt planned and it was too late to call you when i wanted to call you cos i just decided to go down to princeton when we were already close by for lunch. it was good stuff. i missed you though.

gawker said...

zambezi : Good for you. I hope it took some fat off your cheeks. Was it your new kayak? Or did you rent it?

zambezi said...

rented it. we were 6 of us. are you a motorbike kind of a person? will you humor me by buying one even if you arent? i need company.

gawker said...

No I am a bike person. I don't see the point in driving a motorbike which is basically a car with two wheels instead of four. I like four wheels. I think they add to the stability.