Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I hate those goddamn Patriots so fucking much. More than I hate the Giants. And, to my shock, even more than the Cowboys. In fact, when the Cowboys and the Patriots meet in the Superbowl, I will be rooting for TO and Romo. It makes me ashamed to admit it, but that is the truth.


Anonymous said...

can we make u feel better by sending our Seahawks to the Superbowl so that u do not feel bad for rooting for the Cowboys?

Lekhni said...

Cowboys in the Superbowl? Surely that's an error of speech. I know, I know, what you really wanted to say was, you just want the Colts to win it again.

gawker said...

naveen : Man, with the hawks defeating the eagles the other day, I'm not too crazy about them either right now. Actually with the eagles seson in the toilet, I am on the verge of hating football in general.

lekhni : No not the colts, please. If the colts win, the machines will have succeeded over mankind.

Anonymous said...

hey, you cannot put the whole blame on the Hawks. We gave two demonstrations of who not to throw to (Tatupu), and Feeley goes ahead and throws it to him in the end.