Monday, December 03, 2007

Lazy post

It turns out that Christmas trees will be more expensive this year because of rising gas prices. I decided to comment on this news in cartoon form by drawing a Christmas tree with another Christmas tree lying under it instead of a gift-wrapped present. This would satirically depict the wish of cash-strapped Americans to receive a Christmas tree as a holiday present.

Sadly, I turned out to be too lazy and I did not create such a cartoon. So since I know you have a vivid imagination, please try and visualize the existence of such a picture attached to this post.


Anonymous said...

I know this'll make me sound like the Grinch - but serve them right, I say. When a 70+ year old tree is cut down to decorate Rockefeller center, it's poetic justice if nature's getting back at silly humans and their puny pockets.

gawker said...

Really? I thought it was a fake tree. Yes, in that case, good for the Christmas trees for becoming more expensive.