Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thank you, Munnabhai

Thank you, Munnabhai. I take back every nasty thing I've said till now about Bollywood.

Also, thank you Mohandas. I think this thing definitively proved your continued relevance in today's world.

Finally, thank you lawyers and your class action lawsuits. I wish I could find a suitable way to repay you. What's that you say? Oh ok, cash it is then. Although personally, I would have gone with gratitude.


RobRoy said...

Mohandas? Wasn't he the heavy-weight boxing champion back in the 60s and 70s?

Anonymous said...

Yes Rob, he had 2 siblings, karamchand and Gandhi. Karamchand was a carrot munching private eye in the eighties. Gandhi tried unsuccessfully in the 40's to start a salt making and cloth manufacturing business. He also got into a drunken brawl with Winston Churchill, which led to 'British Raj' being replaced by 'license raj'. Thus Mohandas Karamchand and Gandhi are a source of national pride for all Indians.

PS I am a very smart man, and I know everything. please do no hesitate to ask more questions thru Gawkers blog. I shall respond


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how this damn GC rules the lives of immigrants in this country. For all the struggle, would have been nice if the GC was at least green in color!

gawker said...

robroy : I don't think a single Indian has won a single boxing championship. I think that's because our offensive strategy consists of getting into the ring and burning an effigy of our opponent.

S : If robroy so desires, I can give you the space of a blogpost for elaborating more upon this historical figure.

anjali : I know, all these years we waste our most productive years in fighting for this "green" card and then finally, when it arrives in the mail, it turns out that it's made of pure gold and encrusted with precious stones mined from the deepest reaches of the Amazonian rainforest. Instead of being green. Damn it.

RobRoy said...

I have LOTS of questions, and not all of them related to Indians, their heritage, Bollywood or cuisine. But most are.

Just what IS in chutney and why is it so popular?