Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This saddens me

Apparently this is the level of education required to understand this blog.

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I guess it means that all this time while I was laughing at my own jokes, I wasn't really getting them. Someone please tell me what I missed.


zambezi said...

mine was fucking elementary school. my blog is rubbish intellectually.

RobRoy said...

My blog is also elementary level, and I've tried to copy you in every way. Perhaps I mention "ka-ka" and "pee-pee" too much?

gawker said...

zambezi : I see that you are now being proactive and taking the necessary steps to rectify the situation with the proper perspective.

robroy : you should follow zambezi's example and use big words like kaka and peepee because if you use the hyphen, they count as two small words.

RobRoy said...

Thanks for the blogging tip. Now, what about descriptives such as "fart-face". Strictly speaking, the hyphen is correct, but I'd hate to miss out on the long word opportunity of fartface. What will Yahtzee get me?

zambezi said...

u are the only one who reads my blog.