Monday, October 31, 2005

Multiculturalism in action

I think the process of multiculturization of America is complete. And I say this based on the following observation. In America, the act of flashing a high beam on the road used to mean only one thing. That you were allowing the person opposite you the courtesy of safe passage. In India, the same flashing of a high beam meant the opposite. That you were commanding the other guy to allow you safe passage or you would fucking run into his car regardless.

So nowadays, with the number of Indians increasing in the US, bringing with them a whole lot of cultural baggage and the Indian interpretation of high beam flashing, Americans get kind of confused when someone flashes a high beam at them. They hesitate. Especially when they notice you are an Indian. And then they allow you to go first. Because I think too many Indians have rammed into too many Americans after having flashed high beams at them. And that is a pity. Communication breakdowns are always a pity.

But then, it is also a sign of the multiculturalization of America, which is a great thing.

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